OXFORD UNIVERSITY. Alliance arising from the constant attendance of the professionals of the Center at specialized conferences in Microscopy
Contact Dr. Christoffer Lagerholm. Facility Manager Dr. David Susano
ROSARIO UNIVERSITY, BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA. Academic and scientific collaboration with members of the CMA.
Contact Dra. Martha Pinzón Daza.
UNIVERSITY OF MÁLAGA, SPAIN Alliance emerged through the Framework Agreement between the University of Concepción and the University of Malaga. Courses, seminars, workshops and research stays have been organized.
Contact. Dr. Manuel Cifuentes Rueda,
ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY, CHICAGO, USA. Alliance created by the link between the Scientific Director of the CMA and academics from the UIC, allowing publications and research visits.
Contact Dr. Ernesto Bongarzone,
MAX-PLANCK-INSTITUTE OF MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY AND GENETICS. Alliance emerged from the constant attendance of the Center's professionals at specialized conferences in Microscopy.
Contact Dr. Hernán Morales,
MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY. Alliance emerged from links with ex-executive director of the Center. Internships and collaborations have been organized.
Contact Dr. Carlos Opazo, Contact Dr. Paul McMillan, Biological Optical Microscopy Platform. The University of Melbourne, Contact Dra. Carolina Chávez, Neuroscience Microscopy Facility. Florey Neuroscience Institute,
UNIVERSITAT POMPEU FABRA, BARCELONA, SPAIN Alliance created at the beginning of the existence of the CMA through collaborative networks in courses, seminars and technological support.
Contact Dr. Xavier Sanjuan,