The first project that allowed the development of a Microscopy Center of Excellence began in 2003, with the award of an Andes Foundation grant, ''Implementation of a Biological Imaging Center in the Department of Cell Biology of Concepcion University'', directed by Dr. Francisco Nualart. Then, in 2004, additional financing was acquired from the University of Concepción and the project, “Improvement of the PhD program in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Biological Sciences, MECESUP 9903” to buy a basic confocal laser microscope. This microscopy center provided free confocal microscopy services for more than 6 years, which was the platform for the financing granted (1 January 2011) by a CONICYT Associative Research program grant ''Advanced Microscopy Center of the Bío-Bío region (CMA Bío-Bío)''. This initiative was led by Drs. Francisco Nualart, Scientific Director, and Carlos Opazo, Executive Director.

The CMA BIO BIO has focused on different areas of scientific development and services in advanced microscopy. These changes and cutting-edge concepts allowed PIA-CONICYT to extend its financing in 2015 for another 5 years, which allowed for growth in equipment, infrastructure, management, internationalization and impact.

With funding secured until 2021, CMA BIOBIO has become a tireless platform for scientific growth at both the regional and national levels.